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SEAT,S.A. (Spanish: [ˈ]) is a Spanish automobile manufacturer with its head office in Martorell, Spain.It was founded on May 9, 1950, by the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI), a state-owned industrial holding company.It is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group,as a member of the

now-defunct Audi Brand Group, together with Audi and Lamborghini,and marketed as a car maker with a youthful sporty profile.Within the Volkswagen Group and under the Audi Brand Group, the SEAT brand itself has been developed as a group with subsidiary companies (SEAT Group) and 'SEAT, S.A.' as the parent company.The headquarters of SEAT, S.A. are located at SEAT's industrialcomplex in Martorell near Barcelona, Spain. By 2000 annual production peaked at over 500,000 units; in total up to 2006, over 16 million cars have been produced including more than 6 million from the Martorell plant, with three-quarters of the annual production being exported to over seventy countries worldwide.


The name SEAT previously stood for the acronym Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo (Spanish Touring Car Company, in English).SEAT today is the only major Spanish car manufacturer with the ability and the infrastructure to develop its own cars in-house.
Its headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Martorell, an industrial town located some 30 kilometres northwest of Barcelona,with a production capacity of around 500,000 units per annum.The plant was opened by King Juan Carlos of Spain on February 22, 1993, and replaced SEAT's former assembly plant by the coast in Barcelona's freeport zone (Zona Franca). A rail connection between SEAT's Martorell and Zona Franca complexes facilitates vehicle and parts transportation between the two sites.
The industrial complex in Martorell also hosts the facilities of SEAT Sport,SEAT's Technical Center, Research and Development Center (R&D),Design Center,Prototypes Centre of Development,SEAT Service Center (also incorporating the After-Sales Service division, the Customer Services division and the Catalunya Motor dealership),as well as the Genuine Parts Centre for SEAT, Volkswagen, Audi and Škoda brands.


Almost every model in SEAT's range has an 'Ecomotive' derivative version, which in comparison to the standard version has a more eco-friendly tuning. Reduction of weight, low-resistance tyres, new aerodynamics, tweaks in the suspension, as well as changes made to the engine's electronic management software with an additional implementation of a maintenance-free Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) for the diesel engines, also updates in the gearbox and the gear ratios with a gearshift indicator in the dash panel
reminding when it is the proper time to change gears, combined with an engine 'Start/Stop system' and an 'EnergyRecuperation system' are some of the modifications adopted in the Ecomotive range in order to cut down both fuel consumption and emissions.SEAT result is a range with some of the cleanest models featuring an improvement not only in gas and particles emissions but also in fuel economy, without big compromise in the vehicle's dynamic performance or practicality; for example the SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive 1.4 TDI has CO2 emissions coming up at 98 g/km and still it comes even faster from 0 to 100 km/h than the standard version featuring a 5-door body and air-conditioning, while the
SEAT León Ecomotive's CO2 emissions are among the lowest in its segment too and raise up to 99 g/km.Up to the present, the Ecomotive range has been renowned in many occasions. In 2008, the Ibiza Ecomotive has been declared on top of the Verkehrs-Club Deutschland’s 2008/2009 list in the “environmentally beneficial vehicle” category and in the 10th Eco Tour not only it has won in the small diesel class but also proved to be the overall winner of all categories.In that specific year the 
SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive was also awarded with the 'Ecobest 2008' award by the Autobest organisation and the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag named it the 'most economic car of its class in the world'.The year 2009 has been the one when once more the Ibiza Ecomotive was nominated for the 'Green Steering wheel' award in Switzerland,and has set two consecutive times a new world record on fuel saving with a single tank, certified by the IPMC (International Police Motor Corporation) : the first when the Austrian Gerhard Plattner drove from Martorell (Spain) to Göttingen (Germany) with an average fuel consumption of 2.9 l/100 km and the second time in his route from Cieszyn (Poland) to Frankfurt (Germany) having achieved the world record in fuel consumption of 2.34 l/100 km (or 100 mpg U.S) covering a distance of 1,910 km on a single tank.

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