Wednesday, September 7, 2016



You have to appreciate honesty in this business. When a car company admits its offering in a segment isn't up to the task, it catches you by surprise. The surprisingly open Chevy reps stopped short of saying that making the last CHEVROLET MALIBU smaller was a mistake, but given that the righting of the ship included a lengthening of this new model, it was certainly implied. The eighth-generation CHEVROLET MALIBU lasted only three years, with a major update in CHEVROLET MALIBU coming just one year in to try and fix some of the bigger concerns. The goal for the 2016 CHEVROLET MALIBU wasn't to make a competent product better, it was to make an okay one good again

That started with a stretch. The CHEVROLET MALIBU is long again, a big car that meets America's warped idea of a midsized car. Because of this, the CHEVROLET MALIBU dimensions sidle up to the Impala's. In fact, it's within a fraction of an inch of the Impala's wheelbase measurement, and sits right between the last CHEVROLET MALIBU and the Impala in terms of EPA passenger volume. The back seat gets the most of the payoff, bringing it back into